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Aurora, CO
GoVoices: Josh Miller Crown North Talent
TLM 103, SSL2, Adobe Audition, wire connected Windows 10 Desktop
upbeat, young, mid-high pitch, motherly
General English, southern US
Narration, commercial, promo, character

I like to consider myself a very outgoing, fun, punny and caring person.
I grew up doing theater and choir, and entered the improv scene in 2012 being a part of the Black Actors Guild here in Colorado. Some of my favorite works being Raisin in the Sun, our Valentines Day Improv Special and the regular open mic nights doing poetry.
Coming from this theater and choir background, I decided to dive into the voice over world in 2019 because it is so amazing in the sense that it doesn't matter what you look like. I also greatly enjoy all things anime and animation. Although I may not play a lot of video games, I do enjoy watching my husband play story based video games and the amazing voice acting skills that I have heard in these projects only added to the fuel of me entering voiceover.
I have lent my voice to commercials, indie animations, mobile games and more so far in my career and am looking forward to doing so much more!

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