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Kimberly Bonny is a powerful, Black, female Voice Actor dedicated to breaking down barriers in her craft and accomplishing her personal goals all in the same stroke. Hailing from a richly ornate background in theatre and film/TV acting, Kimberly was just 17 years old when she was singled out to voice multiple commercials advertising the showcase for the performance summer workshop she participated in that year. From that fuse lighting moment, up through the present day, Kimberly has never stopped ascending, from being cast to voice the pet owner in Pet 4D to launching her own voice acting company, Lantern Voiceovers, into global orbit. For Kimberly, the craft of voice acting finds its peak decadence in the depth and layers of the stories being told and the ability of the actress to sink into a role, bringing with her all of the stories living inside her heart. Gilded with a vocality more compelling than any spellbinding sunset, Kimberly Bonny and Lantern Voiceovers are unquestionably the defining sound of an era.

“There are many more levels to a person than just a stereotype; keep bringing brilliant, weird, and amazing ideas to this world and it will find a place.”
-Kimberly Bonny, Owner/CEO Lantern Voiceovers

Email:, Phone: (908) 328-9388
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