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Norfolk, VA
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Phil is a natural storyteller, able to provide a voice and narrative to all ages. His voice has lent itself to a multi-faceted skillset. A jack of all trades, his career has helped foster communication skills that have served him in both managerial and supervisory roles.

Communication is key to informing or instructing. Phil’s down-to-earth approach in effectively communicating information has served both his career and passion as a voice actor. He utilizes his passion to bring his client’s words to life as a benefits specialist and helps their business project a more professional image. His primary goal is to capture his audience through words, whether it is through instruction or storytelling.

He specializes in commercials and narrations. He has also garnered experience in documentaries, tutorials, as a master of ceremony, and various podcasts.

Altruistic by nature, Phil’s passion derives from his ability to serve his community and actively volunteers his time reading to children and lending his voice for charity events.

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