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Christopher Zippy
Las Vegas, NV
Upon Request
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Sennheiser MKH 416 microphone, Yamaha AG03 Channel Mixer, Macbook Pro, Reaper & Adobe Audition DAWs
Adult 18-45 range with a friendly, cool, intelligent, crisp, warm, and current sound.
California-born with a Neutral American sound
Commercial, eLearning, Explainer Videos, Corporate Narration
5+ Years in VoiceOver. Other creative experience includes: A BFA in Theatre from CalArts, graduating from Mi’s Westside Comedy Theater improv program, and a stint on WWE’s creative writing team.

Hey- I'm "Zippy!" Or "Christopher," "Chris," or whatever else you want to call me.

While I've got a bunch of names I answer to, I like to call myself "Unprofessionally Professional."

What's that mean, you ask? It's equal parts:

* The Sound: My voice is friendly, cool, intelligent, crisp, warm, and current. Think “young (strikingly handsome) businessman who plays video games on his lunch break”.

* Keeping Things Light: You know in “Titanic” when the band’s playing to keep everyone calm? Not only am I the band, but the song I’m playing is “Back That Thang Up” by Juvenile. No easy feat on the violin…

* Big-time Clients: We’re talking heavy hitters like Google, BET, Audible,, Penn National Gaming, and Southeastern Grocers.

* Rolling With The Punches: When that deadline of ‘tomorrow’ gets switched to ‘yesterday,’ I’ve got your back. When the copy gets rewritten while I’m reading it, I’ve got your back!

* The Service: A 24-hour turnaround for most projects, the ability to connect with you via Source Connect, Skype, and phone patch, audio output in whatever format you need, and all that good stuff.

* Ice Cream, Potato Chips, and Donuts: What can I say? I like my snacks.
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