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Eric Quander, aka Q, the Life Coach for Amputees, is a nationally recognized creative professional and educator, life coach and author, and ministry founder, with a profound approach to helping individuals and organizations CONNECT WITH THE POWER WITHIN. Sharing techniques and skills that clearly define and enhance the individual’s connection to purpose, results in dynamic personal and organizational growth.


Q is a noted author and Contributing-Editor to both of the nation’s top limb-loss related magazines, where he shares lessons learned in his continuing journey as an LBKA (left-below-the-knee-amputee). The core belief that ADVERSITY is fertile ground for OPPORTUNITY, Q inspires a dedicated readership of over 300.000, with his philosophy that RADICAL CHANGE REQUIRES RADICAL ACTION.

Q is a Certified Life Coach;  Founder of the National Directory of Black Life Coaches (NDBLC); Founder of the AATE (the African American Theatrical Ensemble); Founder of the Joshua Tree International Film Festival (JTIFF); a paraprofessional with the Morongo Unified School District; and, an ordained minister, having founded Black Lotus Ministries.


Born in Washington, D.C., the 13th generation of America's oldest Black family, and raised in Richmond, VA, Mr. Quander attended James Madison University, where he studied English Literature and Theater. With sight set on becoming a professional artists, Q, as he is widely known, left university and began supporting himself as an artist. With over 20 years as an entertainment industry professional, notable achievements include: company member of the Shenandoah Shakespeare Express (currently the American Shakespeare Center), graduate the world famous Folger Theater's Actors of Color Intensive Study Workshop (’92), Founder and Artistic Director of the African American Theatrical Ensemble (AATE), the Joshua Tree Shakespeare Guild and Joshua Tree International Film Festival.


Recognized as a dynamic visionary, Q has helmed many posts as an administrator. In 2001, he served as Managing Artistic Director of the Inglewood Playhouse. In 2004 Mr. Quander was commissioned by Dr. Joanne Gabbin, head of the Honor's English Department at James Madison University, to write and direct a dramatic work demonstrating the connection between the African American and Shakespearean literary and performance traditions. The resulting piece, Whispers in the Whirlwind, debuted in 2006, during the 5th Annual International Festival of Black Poets: Furious Flower. In addition to all of the duties associated with creating the full-length play, Mr. Quander served as Adjunct Professor in both the English and Theater Departments, leading classes in Shakespearean Performance Technique and From the Page to the Stage: Shakespeare for Non-Actors. 


Since 2012 Q has established himself as an active participant in arts and as a community activist. Not only has he served on the Boards of various arts based organizations such as the Gateway Communities Outreach Committee and the Joshua Tree Arts Council, most recently he was a Commissioner of the Yucca Valley Parks, Recreations and Cultural Affairs Department, and ran for Town Council in the most recent election. Currently, Q is an Instructional Assistant with the Morongo Unified School District,  member and program developer of that school district’s Diversity Enrichment Committee, and Board Member of the district’s California Schools Employee Association’s Contract Negotiating Committee.

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