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Neuman TLM103, Focusrite ISA One pre, Scarlett18i20 Interface
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10+ years

B i o g r a p h y

Thank You for your interest in my Voiceover profile. If you're looking to hire Voice Talent feel free to contact me.

 I have been working in this industry for 10+ years.
My partial client list:
Nike Inc. /East Bay, Toyota SWAC Football Championship Promo, Smirnoff Distilleries, WorldMark Wyndham, Remington Park Casino,
Neural Potential Neuro-Science. Ink Ur Bod (Cairns, UK), NuCor Steel, CleverBinder: Warranty App.
S2 Games (Heroes of NewEarth and Strife):Heroes of NewEarth- Fu Lion, Gemini Strife- Bo The BullMonk,
Panda Premium Assistance, Bank Of Nevis,
Corporate Health, Installation Instructional Discs (Acura Aftermarket Navigation Interface Devices)
Christ Family Church, All-State Logistics LLC (Refrigerated Delivery/Shipping)
UniMed International ("T-Gen" Male Supplements) and Omni Media to name a few.

I have completed work on several Radio and TV Commercials in and outside of the Continental US to include Isreal, Canada, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico....just to name a few. I have a talented Support staff that enjoy working in music and different forms of media creation. I am able to access resources for any project.
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