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Mic, sound insulator, audio interface, pop filter
I am primarily adept at recording and delivering voice overs for commercials, voicemails, audiobooks, podcasts, and cartoons/animations.
My voice versatility and the styles best suited for my voice include announcements, girlish, upbeat, hip, feminine, child-like, informational, inspiring, perky, and seductive storytelling roles. My voice age range is 12 to 30 years of age, and I consistently speak in a clear and pleasing manner.
commercials, animation, narration
1 year

My name is Shaunice Louise. I’m a voice-over actress, photographer, content creator from Jacksonville, Fl. I would classify myself as the 3 O's open-minded, outspoken, and out-going and can change the energy in the room through conversation. I'm extremely goofy and in my excitement, my voice changes to the different characters I portray. As a creative individual and highly effective communicator with years of experience in customer relations and public speaking, I have a knack for using my voice to tell compelling stories and share pertinent information.
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