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Soundproof studio that includes: Nuemann 102, Preamp, Scarlett solo interface
teen male, adult male (18 - 30), anime protaganists, evil villian, wacky cartoon characters
RP British, Southern, New York, Philadephian
Creature noise, horse Whinney, beatboxing
5+ years

Finesse on the mic! Darius Johnson's creative process is all about the musicality, objective, and the characters journey. He favors a more improvisational approach to his work, but honors the written truth in a script as well. Bringing characters to life is an art form Johnson has crafted during his six years working a Sesame place theme park. There he played Bert, Grover, and Murray Monster in live staged productions. Since then, Johnson has lent his voice to audiobooks, radio plays, animation, including The multi-award winning Racing the Sunset by Nick smith. Johnson continue honing his craft in classes at RealVoiceLA.
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Polished. Authentic. Compelling. Bold. These are just a few words that have been used to describe...
After performing as a voice over artist and using my voice as an anchor, report, talk show host, pub...
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