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Tacoma, Washington
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Neumann TLM 103, SSL 2 Audio Interface, Reaper DAW, Sound treated dedicated studio
Deep, resonant, smooth, comforting, authoritative, engaging
Standard American, New York/New Jersey, Caribbean
Narration, professional and authoritative characters
4 years audiobook narration, 25+ years live theater

Nearly 30 years ago David walked by an audition posting for a local playwright’s festival and said, “That sounds like fun!” That spontaneous jump onto the stage led him to perform in numerous staged productions. However, he discovered voice acting to be an ideal fit and parlayed his many years of theater experience into audiobook narration and podcast production. As an Audible Approved Producer, David has produced and narrated over 30 audiobooks and is the creator of the audio drama A Ninth World Journal, co-producer of Listen, Rinse, Repeat podcast and appears in many other audio dramas.
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