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San Francisco
Audiotechnica AT-2020 USB Plus ; Scarlett Solo Studio
calm, inspired, relaxed, snarky, sensually evocative
General American ; Californian
Audiobooks; Meditation

The art of playing with words and the joy of creative expression bring Eboni Gaytán to the voiceover stage! Eboni’s voice can be described as calm, inspired, relaxed; sometimes snarky, and has even been described as sensually evocative!

Eboni has a voice that can adapt and flex to the project at hand. She has decades of experience as the voice behind the words, messages, and emotions of thousands of individuals. In her role as a professional interpreter, her voice has been utilized to facilitate clear and meaningful communication in a large variety of real-life settings and situations. Community engagements, corporate communications, court proceedings, educational lectures, health, mental health, meditation classes, medical exchanges, and webinars are but a few arenas where Eboni’s voice has been put into use.

As a voice artist, Eboni understands the importance of articulating with accuracy, affect, and clarity in her vocal delivery. Eboni’s voice is ideal for your audiobook, audio description services, corporate training projects, e-learning, explainer videos, documentaries, IVR, meditation apps, public service announcements, and more! Eboni is a Such A Voice alumnus and a graduate of the Audio Description Institute. She has voice actor and audiobook production training. She loves to play in improv jams and continues to advance her voiceover technique!

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