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Columbus, Ohio
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AT2020, MXL990, Triton Audio Fethead Preamp, Scarlett 2i2, Beyer DT770
Relatable, Youthful, Bright, Clear, Familiar
American General, American Mid-Western, American Southern, British General, British RP,
Audiobook - YA, Sci-Fi, Mystery. VO -Commercial, E-Learning
Commercial VO, Radio, Stage Management

Vivica McCrary is an Audiobook Narrator and Voice Artist based in Columbus, Ohio. When not singing musicals in the shower, kitchen, or anywhere with great acoustics, she can be found in her booth recording commercials, e-learning projects, and audiobooks of several genres. She has a background in stage management and live performance. Her goal is to use her voice as a Black, Indigenous, Queer woman of color to tell authentic stories.
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