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Brooklyn, New York
Yeti Microphone
Youthful, Friendly, Girl Next Door
Commercial, Animation
2 years

You may be wondering, “Do I really want to listen to another voiceover demo?” Of course you do! If you don’t, then you will be missing out on the opportunity to work with me, and your clients won’t get to benefit from the good work that we could have done together.

Listen, if you need a youthful sounding voice, I can provide it. If you need someone who sounds like a tween, I can provide that voice. Need the girl next door, a young professional, an urban youth, a motherly, caring voice, or a passionate, inspirational, or warm sound? I can provide you with those voices too. No matter which sound you need, I will customize my voice to fit your project. Moreover, I am highly directable and a good listener who will provide you the read you want.

I know you will listen to many different voices. So, while I may not be a match for your current project, please feel free to add me to your favorites list here on! I will be happy to hear from you any time, and to provide you with a custom audition sample.
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