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Whisper Room, Neuman TLM103, DBX286s, Peavey PV6
Deep, warm, rich, authoritative, authentic and smooth.
New York
Promo, Narration, Video Game and Animation
20+ years in acting, 1 year in voice over.

An avid gamer and anime fan, I'm and award winning actor / voice actor with 20+ years in the business. I did theater throughout my school years and later joined the military to serve my country. Through the military I learned values which helped make me into the professional That I am today.

The consummate professional who's always putting in work to be the best at what I do. I believe a person should thoroughly enjoy what they do and there's nothing more enjoyable than breathing life into a project while helping others achieve their goals.
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Gary Scales started voice overs and voice acting in 2011 for several radio stations, promos and comm...
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