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Atlanta, Georgia
Sophisticated and mellifluous, warm, sultry, upscale, smooth, trustworthy, knowledgeable, confident, professional, alluring, sarcastic
American, Southern, Spanish/Spanglish
eLearning, narration, commercial
Education, training & development

Stephanie Jackson (#sjovo) is a compelling new voiceover artist based in Atlanta, GA. She brings a smooth, warm, sophisticated, and confident tone to any project. With over 15 years in higher and international education, she has used her voice to advise, direct, and educate learners across the globe in eLearning, podcasting, and voicemail platforms. Professionally, she has been honing her skills with training from VoiceCoaches in NY, and has a new demo for commercial and narration work.

Whether you are looking for a voice that offers an alluring and upscale or knowledgeable and trustworthy experience, Stephanie takes direction well and delivers a refined and professional sound that will resonate with your audience.

E: P: 213.785.7303 W:
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