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San Francisco, California
Stars The Agency, TAG Talent, Go Voices, Impressive Talent, The Talent Group
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AT2050 Mic, Focusrite 212 interface, monitors, acoustic blankets
Vibrant, Conversational, Smooth, Urban, Dynamic
Commercial, Character Work, Video Game, Promo
5 years as a voice over talent

Trekina longs to live in a world that is filled with innovative, creative individuals where the answer to every question always ends with chocolate. She is a product of old school Saturday morning cartoons, falling in love with characters like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam - the WHOLE LOT, and knows that's cultivated her love of laughter and shaped her fun outlook on life. As a female voice over talent in the SF Bay Area, she loves using her voice to bring projects to life. With a voice that is warm, smooth and sincere yet playful and full of energy, Trekina's voice has been heard on AT&T Nation’s Football Classic, Apple, John Muir Health, PBS Kids, PlayStation as well as a featured narrator on the Calm App.
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Gary Scales started voice overs and voice acting in 2011 for several radio stations, promos and comm...
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