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Dallas, TX
Mic: Monoprice Stage Right LC200. Processor: PreSonus AudioBox iOne
Mature, Deep, Conversational, Soothing, Easygoing

I have been a storyteller for as long as I can remember, entertaining family and friends in my youth, and converting that skill into performing arts in high school and college in band and theater. After receiving a degree in English from Clemson University, I spent many years as a writer and software designer. In my corporate career, I have had extensive experience giving presentations and product demonstrations in front of large audiences, and have honed my approach into an engaging, warm, and welcoming voice that keeps your attention, while "edutaining" (educating + entertaining) listeners. I am particularly skilled at taking complex technical concepts and adapting and presenting them in a consumable way that will bring a client's words to life and help convey the messages they wish to express.
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