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San Francisco, CA
Bonafide & Emerging Artists
Source Connect
Sennheiser 416, RODE NT-1, Adobe Audition
Smooth, warm, conversational
American neutral
Commercial,, Corporate, Technology
3+ years

Hi, I'm Zina! I'm a professional voice actor specializing in warm, authentic reads. In a previous lifetime, I was a copywriter for nearly 15 years. It means I'm well versed in complex industrial and corporate terminology. Words like virtualization and norepinephrine roll right off the tongue. Being a writer also allows me quickly get to the heart of the script and use my voice to bring the team's vision to life.

I bring passion, range and versatility to every project, big or small. You'll find that my voice is a healthy dose of warm, smooth and authentic, with the right amount of professional edge to take your project to the next level.

My Studio:
My broadcast quality studio is fully equipped for remote directed sessions via Source Connect, Zoom, Google Meet, and more.
Microphone: Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun
Interface: Steinberg UR22
Microphone Cables: Mogami Gold
DAW: Adobe Audition l 908-295-9839
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